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  • We offer free, bespoke, confidential advice that will help you deal with your financial issues.
  • We are a specialist firm, operating nationwide to provide pre-emptive, actionable financial solutions that are effective and work for you because they are tailored to your needs and designed to act in the best interest of your business.
  • You’ll be able to take a step back and be relieved from the stress, allowing you to focus on running your business while we do the firefighting. Thanks to our swift advice & guidance throughout all types of insolvency procedures, we are able to add the often much needed commercial aspect of business recovery.

Who are we?


With over 40 years of experience in the business recovery and financial turnaround sector, we are experts in our field who provide unique and specialist advice to our clients throughout the UK. Our dedicated consultants act quickly in critical situations, having the requisite skills and vast knowledge of all insolvency procedures to ensure you receive the best outcome possible. (See testimonials)

It is this experience and skill which enables BCIA to provide the commercial aspect to any type of insolvency and turnaround procedure unlike many advisors.

If you are a director of a limited company then the responsibility lies with you to act and seek advice.

“What we do is a craft and an art, it’s not a science. We apply our vast unbiased knowledge and craft solutions to best suit each of our clients circumstances. No two cases are ever the same.”

– Jamie Buchanan, Managing Partner

Tip: Make sure that you know your fiduciary duties.

Our services

Insolvency Practitioners ⌄

Insolvency practitioners are duty bound by law to act in your creditors' best interests.
BCIA take a different approach; our specialist advice and mediation allows us to consider all parties and motives involved, creating solutions that will work for everyone.

Insolvency Advice ⌄

The first objective when you can see trouble ahead is to get the right insolvency advice, as delays will only worsen the problem.
Our guidance will help you plan for the future, manage any potential losses, and counter creditor pressure and bailiff action.

Liquidation ⌄

There are several different types of liquidation, such as voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation (resulting from court winding up orders), or even a Members Voluntary Liquidation.
We offer compassionate guidance throughout all types of liquidation.

Administration ⌄

The main goal in administration is to prevent the dilution of the company's assets, but this is not always the best action.
There are alternatives to administration, such as pre-pack administration, and we can help you assess your options.

Pre-pack Administration ⌄

A type of administration where an agreement has been reached to sell company assets prior to the formal instruction of a licensed insolvency practitioner.
BCIA can mediate and control negotiations of this process to your benefit.

Business Recovery & Turnaround ⌄

At the heart of what we do best is business recovery and turnaround.
Every client's circumstances are different, and BCIA helps reduce the casualties in these situations, guiding you through these difficult times by using our expert knowledge.

HMRC Pressure ⌄

If you fall behind with tax and VAT payments, HMRC may start to apply pressure, initially with letters and reminders, and then with visits.
BCIA are able to delay and halt these enforcement procedures by communicating with HMRC on your behalf to find a solution.

Cash Flow & Creditor Pressure ⌄

We engage with creditors from the beginning to relieve pressure and stop further action, explaining to our clients the circumstances to repair lost credibility from broken promises and missed payments.
Once informed, creditors will often work with us and support the proposed recovery process.

Advice for Directors ⌄

As a director and an officer of your company, there are strict rules regarding your fiduciary responsibilities.
We look at your situation with an expert view, and advise directors on how to justify and account for their actions, preparing them for a potential battle with an insolvency practitioner.

Funding & Finance ⌄

We know that many of our clients waste much time trying to find the correct funding or finance package.
At BCIA, we are able to quickly establish which lender will fund your business, streamlining the process by putting you in communication with the right people at the right time.

Tax Avoidance Issues, APNs, EBTs, EFRBS ⌄

You may have been advised to pay contributions into an Employer Financed Retirement Benefit Scheme (EFRBS) or Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), or are involved in DOTAS or non-DOTAS (disclosure of tax avoidance schemes). Such schemes are now under investigation with HMRC who are taking a hard line with such cases.
If you are being investigated for tax avoidance, we can guide you through a minefield of conflicting advice.

Private & Corporate Investment ⌄

BCIA represent several private high net worth individuals and corporate investors who do not see sufficient returns from banks as interest rates are so low. Instead, we assist such investors in providing investment and loans to SMEs in return for equity within those businesses. Call now to see if your business is applicable for this type of investment and funding.

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    We will advise you on your options immediately. For more complex cases we offer free, no obligation face to face consultations with our team.

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BCIA worked as part of a team with the Directors and guided us through what was a very tricky and intimidating situation - we are delighted with the results

The Board of Directors, Talbot Developments Ltd

When we engaged BCIA, the company was facing huge pressure from shareholders and creditors alike - after months of battling with the business, we managed to enter into a CVA, refinance the business whilst in a CVA and look set for a period of fair trading before trying to grow the company - a job well done

Chris Woodhall, Founder, YBS Insulation Ltd

We could not trust the advice we were receiving and believed wholeheartedly in the company and its ability to recover. BCIA engaged with us on a contingent fee arrangement and committed as many hours as were required in order to make good of the situation. We remain confident that the company will recover fully and continue to trade for many years to come - BCIA's advice has been priceless

The Board, F&EV Linford Ltd

BCIA could not have been more helpful with their guidance in assisting us in a pathway to reconstructing our business and our lives. If you are thinking of using a recovery company, in my opinion, you could not use a more professional or helpful practice. Always answering a call when you need them most and if engaged, responding as promptly as they possibly can. If you are a small or large company they can tick every box that you require

Trevor & Heather Webber, Directors, Brake & Service World Ltd

I have dealt with Jamie Buchanan and BCIA for a number of years and have always found him and them excellent value. That is, they are very competent, hard working, reasonably priced, capable of lateral thinking, not stuck in traditional ruts.
They have a wide range of connections and know the right person for the job if a specialism they do not have is required.
Above all, they are positive and constructive and look for a good outcome.

Alex Bevan, Mediator

After taking advice from a large firm of insolvency practitioners who our bank had insisted we use, I felt very uncomfortable with their advice but they told me that it was the only way. My friend gave me Jamie Buchanan's number at BCIA which I had initially thrown away thinking the bank would know the best people. I eventually called Jamie and he gave me the advice I needed which made total sense so I decided to instruct him, even though the bank said they wouldn't support him. We entered into an insolvency process and came through the other side, and it was at this point we could see the advice Jamie had given was absolutely spot on as opposed to the advice given by our bank and their preferred IP's. Our new business became very successful and I continue to take advice on commercial and corporate matters years after the insolvency event. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Paul Hammond